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Plant Maintenance

At DSM we have extensive experience in the maintenance of manufacturing plants and can provide continued support to our customers providing the highest quality services to reduce the risk of plant operations.  


The types of contracts include full scope Operations & Maintenance contracts, Long Term Service Agreement and turnkey individual outage contracts.  DSM can provide assistance in the pre-job phase with services such as Contract Reviews, Coordination Planning, Parts Management Control,  Quality Assurance and Safety Programs. 


In addition, we can also provide an on-site Field Project Manager to manage the implementation of the outage and final closeout of the outage documents and contractual obligations of the contractors.

Passivation and Degreasing

The degreasing, cleaning and passivation is a process which ensures that the internal surface of the vessel/equipment, and the ‘tie-in welds’ for high purity systems, are free from any contaminants and iron compound.  Passivation provides a wide range of benefits, the process improves the corrosion resistance of the equipment, cleanliness and it can also improve and extend the life of the equipment


Our highly trained passivation team provide a wide range of on-site services which include:

  • Mechanical Cleaning

  • Degreasing

  • Inspection

  • The Passivation Process Itself (Immersion/Spraying)

  • Rinsing

Mechanical/Process Maintenance

Plant Maintenance
Passivation and Degreasing
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