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Why Choose



Our directors have a proven track record within the engineering and process installation industry with a combined experience of over 58 years, specialising in the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical sectors.   Our experience enables us to help you discover, design, and build the best processing system for your needs.


We pride ourselves on our dedicated professional team who have an in-depth knowledge and experience of a wide range of industries.  Our team are the cornerstone of our success and we continually work to develop their skills and ensure that we are always at the forefront of new and developing technologies 


At DSM we work to ensure that all of our activities are carried out in a Safe manner. This is achieved through full implementation of our Safety Management System (SMS).  We operate to the highest safety standards ensuring that all our staff are up-to- date with respect to legislation, practices and lessons learned.


At DSM we have the ability to produce a very high standard of workmanship, on time and within budget to all clients.  We recognise the importance of meeting deadlines and requirements within the overall context of construction projects.

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