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Orbital Welding

AT DSM we provide specialized orbital welding to suit the needs of our clients.  Pipe sizes range from 12mm up to 101mm 

All our hygienic pipework fabrication is accompanied with full traceability records and testpack documentation

Quality Control Tests

At DSM we have extensive experience in the field of quality control and provide a wide range of quality control tests including:

  • Radiographic Test

  • Visual Borescope

  • Pressure Testing (Pneumatic and Hydrostatic)

  • Ultrasonic Test

  • Magnetic Particle Test

  • Dye Penetrant Test

Mechanical Installation

The mechanical services provided during the development of a project are critical to the success of the business infrastructure, at this stage it is vital to ensure that these services are both reliable and secure, any errors at this stage can prove to be very cost. 


At DSM we provide a range of mechanical services which are completed to the highest standards we ensure all systems are tested snagged and commissioned correctly, among one of our more significant projects is that of Irish Cement Ltd, a contract which involved the assembly and welding of 550 tons of prefabricated steel assemblies

Mechanical Piping

At DSM we recognize that proper specification of mechanical piping systems is integral to a plant’s operations.  We work to gain a deep a deep understanding of each of our customers facilities' so we can design and build according to their specific needs and requirements, using the highest quality standards our Piping Systems include

  • Process Pipe-work Installations

  • Plant & Tool Hook-ups

  • Process Plant Erection

  • High Pressure Steam

  • Water Treatment

  • Refrigeration

  • Ventilation

  • Specialist Rigging

  • Heating, Gas & Plumbing Installation’s

  • Medical Gases

Process Pipework

At DSM we provide complete process and mechanical pipework solution from concept to completion including pipework design, project management, fabrication and installation.  We pride ourselves on our expertise and ability to design high quality solutions that offer the most efficient and cost effective pipework system for any industry.

Process and heavy equipment installation

At DSM our team of experts know the ins and outs of rigging and erecting machinery, hauling, moving and installing equipment.  As part of our services we provide:

  • Engineering, rigging, lifting and hauling plans; full installation services; plant relocations and consolidation; routing, permitting, escort and utility clearances; fabrication of machinery supports and guarding; warehousing; planned maintenance; and emergency response repairs

Dismantling and transport of equipment

The lifting and moving of heavy specialist equipment is a process which requires extensive knowledge and a group of safety trained professionals. 


At DSM we provide a specialist service which is geared towards the installation, relocation and removal of industrial process equipment such as pumps, compressors, heat exchangers, skid units and boilers. 


Our planners work with our highly trained operators to ensure we minimise rise and complete the job as safely and efficiently as possible with minimum disruption to our customers business

Passivation and degreasing

The degreasing, cleaning and passivation is a process which ensures that the internal surface of the vessel/equipment, and the ‘tie-in welds’ for high purity systems, are free from any contaminants and iron compound.  Passivation provides a wide range of benefits, the process improves the corrosion resistance of the equipment, cleanliness and it can also improve and extend the life of the equipment


Our highly trained passivation team provide a wide range of on-site services which include:

  • Mechanical Cleaning

  • Degreasing

  • Inspection

  • The Passivation Process Itself (Immersion/Spraying)

  • Rinsing

Utility Piping

At DSM we provide a full range of utility systems and utility piping projects, our engineers and installers have a wide range of experience in utility piping which are designed and installed to meet highest industry standards and regulations.  Our services include:

  • Steam systems—sterile steam, culinary steam, high pressure steam, low pressure steam

  • Water systems—filtered water, city water, process water, RO water, softened water, heated water, sterile water, UV water, DI water, chilled water, glycol water, tower water, ice water, plant water

  • Compressed air systems—sterile air, dehumidified air, de-oiled air, heated air, service air, instrument air

  • Waste water systems—waste water treatment, effluent handling, waste water monitoring, waste water equalization, waste water neutralization

  • Solids recovery systems

  • High strength waste systems

  • Bulk chemical distribution and piping

Plant Maintenance

At DSM we have extensive experience in the maintenance of manufacturing plants and can provide continued support to our customers providing the highest quality services to reduce the risk of plant operations.  


The types of contracts include full scope Operations & Maintenance contracts, Long Term Service Agreement and turnkey individual outage contracts.  DSM can provide assistance in the pre-job phase with services such as Contract Reviews, Coordination Planning, Parts Management Control,  Quality Assurance and Safety Programs. 


In addition, we can also provide an on-site Field Project Manager to manage the implementation of the outage and final closeout of the outage documents and contractual obligations of the contractors.

Quality Control Tests
Mechaical Installation
Mechanical Piping
Process Pipework
Heavy Equipment Installation
Utility Piping

Process & Mechanical

Plant Maintenance
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